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Facility Usage and Fees

Look no further if you've been searching for an affordable and roomy space to host your event. We've reviewed, discussed, and updated our facility usage fees to make our space more available to you and our community. Check out what we have to offer.

Application Process

Once an application is turned in, all refundable deposits are due. By turning in the application your date is tentatively held for your event. The requested date(s) will be reviewed by the Church Office and approved if the date(s) are available. A great way to find out if the church facility is available is by checking out our church calendar.


Fellowship Hall (also referred to as Hall)                                                     $50

Kitchen (includes dishes, sinks, garbage, microwave, stove, and ovens)                                $50

Classrooms                                                                                                    $25 each

Lounge                                                                                                           $25

Refundable Deposit for Hall, Kitchen, Classrooms, and Lounge              $25 each

Non-Member Use of Sanctuary                                                                    $100

Refundable Deposit for Sanctuary                                                               $50

Custodian (Applies when Sanctuary is used, and when food is served in other areas)          $25 each

Musician (Set by the East Central Synod of WI)                                                          $150

Musician Rehearsals (Set by the East Central Synod of WI)                                       $75 each

*Pastor (Includes any Pastor leading an event at FALC, set by the East Central Synod of WI)  $200

Pastor's Mileage (Per mile, round trip from their home to the meeting place and back)    $0.65p/mile

Lunch served/ordered by FALC Ladies (Available for funerals only)                    $100

Fee Schedule

Refundable deposits are due when the application is turned in to the Church Office. The remaining balance is due 7 business days prior to the event date. The deposit will be refunded if the event is canceled 7 or more business days prior to the use and if the rooms/and areas are returned to their original state.

Checks should be wrote out of First American Lutheran Church. To aid in recordkeeping, we request that all payments be made with individual checks for the Church, Custodian, Pastor, and Musician.

Additional charges may be required in special circumstances, such as items are broken or stolen.

Facility Use Guidelines

We are pleased to share our facility with you, however, we ask for your cooperation in a few matters.

  • All doors and windows must be locked, and all lights turned off when vacating the building.

  • No alcohol is allowed on the church grounds.

If you are using the kitchen-

  • Make sure the water faucets are turned off, coffee pots and sinks are cleaned, counters are wiped down, and floor is swept.

  • If using the stove, check that all the pilot lights are still burning before you leave the facility.

  • Put recyclable items in recycle bins located under the stainless steel counter in the kitchen.

If you are using the fellowship hall-

  • You are welcome to move the chairs and tables (more are available if needed), but they must be put back in the order they were found before you leave.

  • Sweep at the end of your event before you leave.

  • If you wish to decorate, only painters tape is permitted. Holes and other adhesives are not allowed.

  • Put recyclable items in recycle bins located under the stainless steel counter in the kitchen.

If you are using the sanctuary-

  • Discuss décor changes and furniture rearrangements with the Church Office if you'd like to make them. Some items are unable to be moved.

  • Our sanctuary and narthex (entrance) are newly remodeled, therefore, we do not allow any food or drink the the spaces.

  • The sanctuary and narthex are chemical free zones, and special cleaning is done. We kindly ask that you do not clean the areas yourself.

  • Holes to hang decorations and other items is not permitted.

  • Tape, other than painters tape, and other adhesives is not permitted.

Once we receive your request our Office Manager will reach out to you. Please expect a call from 920-834-2460.

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