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First Communion Classes

Youth Program: 5th Grade First Communion Classes

Church Leadership has decided to schedule First Communion classes after Easter. This will not be traditional, but we feel we are moving in the right direction to have our 5th graders receive their first communion and learn the meaning behind it. Some details need to be worked out, and feedback is required.

Expectations & Setup:

  1. Parents have been asked if they would like their child to participate in First Communion Classes and provide information about their child's availability.

  2. Curriculum has been ordered for those wanting to participate in classes. Parents were asked to provide $5 to help cover the cost of curriculum and materials.

  3. Parents have been asked to stay in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up.

  4. Masks must be worn by anyone over the age of 5 years old who does not have a medical condition, disability, or other sensory sensitivities that prevent wearing a mask.

  5. No food or drinks are allowed.

  6. At each 8' long table in the Fellowship Hall, two youth will be seated at opposite ends of a table. With students seated this way, they will be distanced 8' and the youth at one table will be considered partners.

  7. Each student will have their own materials and supplies, labeled with their name. Each student's materials will be kept separate from other student's materials and supplies, and materials will be sanitized before and after class.

  8. The Fellowship Hall, bathrooms, and entrance will be sanitized before and after each class.

  9. Hand sanitizer will be available, and youth will be instructed to use it upon entering.

  10. Four classes will be held in one and a half hour increments.

  11. Each student will receive their own workbook. Prior to the first class, the students will need their workbook to complete homework. Pick-up and drop-off details for the workbook are being decided between the Church Office and parents.

We realize this information came about quickly and the plan is different than previous years. Our Church Leaders are working hard to move things forward in the safest and most allowable way possible.

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